Word of Mouth: Shawn Robbins (Snob Theater)

What is (what would be) your twitter bio? 

I have two 

@katarokkar - a bay area music blog

@shawntherobbins - I am a comedian and I produce a show called Snob Theater at the Dark Room once every month.http://snobtheater.tumblr.com/ I like you.

 What upcoming event are you most excited about? 

Besides my last Snob Theater show at The Dark Room Theater on June 22nd with comedians Rick Overton, Coree Spencer, and Chris Thayer with musical guests Debbie Neigher and Laura and Anton of Foxtails Brigade? I would say the Destroyer show at The Fillmore on June 5th or Emily Jane White at Brick & Mortar on June 12th. Also the upcoming San Francisco Comedy & Burrito Festival (a real thing).

What is your favorite event space (gallery, venue, etc..) in the Bay Area?

The intimacy and character of The Dark Room is by far my favorite but concert wise I would choose the Great American Music Hall. Where else would I be able to listen to bands like The Dodos and still feel like it’s 1906. Plus the sound in there is incredible. 

What is your favorite neighborhood in the Bay Area? Why?

Mission District. You can’t beat the warm micro-climate, Dolores Park, Bender’s Bar, Amnesia, Udupi, The Elbo Room, Taqueria Cancun, random mariachi music, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and whatever the hell is going on at ATA.

What has the best burrito in the city? 

Taqueria Cancun in the Mission owns my heart…and my colon.

Where did you grow up?

I like every other San Franciscan, I grew up elsewhere. I was born and raised in a little NY town called Fishkill. Hippies once tried to change the town name because they thought it encouraged us to kill more fish. True story.

What is the Bay Area missing?

People obsessed with the current comedy scene in San Francisco. The amount of talent in this city is ridiculous. Oh and Dunkin Donuts. 

If you could reunite any band, who would it be?

All my favorite bands reunited over the past few years (Far, At The Drive In, Refused, SDRE) so I guess a Sugarcubes reunion tour would be nice. Bjork’s still got it and it wouldn’t be depressing like most reunion shows that seem almost soulless. 

If you had to order the same drink at a bar for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Any cocktail from Rickhouse. It doesn’t matter which one. They’re all like my children (I sound like a creepy alcoholic). 

Who/what is the next big thing in your field? 


Jesse Elias is best comedian in San Francisco. Find out where he’s performing and witness a star in the making. 

Go to The Business on Wednesdays and Hand-to-Mouth every month at The Dark Room. Both shows are for true smart comedy fans who listen to podcasts, watch old episodes of the Larry Sanders Show, and wish there was a UCB Theater in the city. 

Also the Sylvan Productions guys are truly doing something amazing. Their show with Sean Patton at The New Parish on the 6th of June is going to be insane. Don’t miss that.


The music coming out of the Amnesia scene is amazingly talented. Kelly McFarling, Ramon & Jessica, Con Brio, The Shants, and Michael Musika should all be on everyone’s radar right now. 

What superpower would you rather have: fly or be invisible? 

I would fly. Because no one likes using the BART. No one.