INTERVIEW: Antwon at Treasure Island Music Festival!

Do415 Interview with Antwon! from Creative Clash on Vimeo.

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INTERVIEW: Missy from SuicideGirls for the SG Blackheart Burlesque Tour

Being the expert with half naked women that he is, we asked the extremely attractive and talented Do415 Tastemaker Derric Tanner to chat with SuicideGirls Co-Founder Missy about the SG Blackheart Burlesque show at The Fillmore this Friday. When he wasn’t ogling her, he actually used words to form questions… and without drooling too much. We’re very proud of him.

Sexy and fun? How can you say ‘no’? You can’t. The only disappointment you’ll experience is if you DON’T go! Win a pair of tickets HERE



DT: Since there are still people who exist that have never been to a burlesque show, can you explain the difference between burlesque and stripping?

MISSY: Burlesque is sexy tease, our show has choreography and set numbers.  We are putting on a show, an experience that we created for this tour.

DT: So no lap dances or anything like that?

MISSY: Nope, we dance on stage :)

DT: since it’s different than stripping, would it be weird if your dad and his friends came to a show?

MISSY: It wouldn’t be too weird.  We don’t do anything we should be ashamed of.

DT: Do people recognize you in public yet? How do you deal with that?

MISSY: Sometimes when we are all together but not as much when I am out alone. 

DT: Do you get a lot of creepers after a show? Whats the creepiest thing a dude has done to get your attention at a show?

MISSY: Well one time when the bus was going down the highway a guy was leaning out of his car trying to get our attention and screaming “I LOVE YOU”

DT: What’s the secret sauce that makes the Suicide Girls Burlesque so fantastic?

MISSY: Pop culture + Dancing + Amazing Costumes + Pasties + Awesome Host = super fun night


DT: aside from pillow fights and tickle parties what’s your favorite part of this tour?

MISSY: Haha. Probably all the crazy people we’ve met and the hilarious fun we’ve had in strip clubs 

DT: Is there another SF date planned for the future?

MISSY: We would love to come back in 2014 :)

DT: In case there is someone who just isn’t convinced at the awesomeness of a Suicide girls burlesque show, what else would you say to get them in the doors?

MISSY: Come, it is a sexy fun time.  You won’t be disappointed.

Phono Del Sol Music & Food Festival

The all day, all ages music and food festival — taking place on Saturday, July 13th at Potrero del Sol Park — will be headlined by SF’s unstoppable garage titans Thee Oh Sees and LA electro-pop virtuosos YACHT.

They’ll be joined on two stages by some of indie music’s most exciting bands, including LA’s garage pop duo Bleached, NYC-via-SF rapper K.Flay, guitar shredder Marnie Stern, and SF synth-pop duo Painted Palms, as well as Blouse, Social Studies, Cool Ghouls, Surf Club and B. Hamilton. In addition to all that great music, some of San Francisco’s finest food trucks will be selling their tasty creations all day long.

Tickets are on sale right now, with a limited number of discount six-packs available (save $5 per ticket by grabbing six for you and your friends). VIP tickets are also available, which include access to a shaded viewing area for the main stage, drink tickets, VIP bathrooms, and a tour of Tiny Telephone Recording led by John Vanderslice.

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Kick off Cinco De Mayo weekend at Taverna Aventine’s 5th Annual indoor/outdoor TRES DE MAYO BLOCK PARTY Friday, May 3rd starting at 4pm! There will be live music, drink specials and taco trucks! What more could you ask for?

Headlining the night is Sam Issac spinning in the outside alley starting at 7pm! In the downstairs parlor, there will be sweet sounds provided by the talented FGLDan & Jackie Papers! 

Savory food options include the El Tonayense Taco Truck and Sanguchon Peruvian Food Truck. There will be a designated tequila bar serving some of your favorites and drink specials all night!

This is a block party you don’t want to miss! Make sure to RSVP for FREE entry on Do415.

Do415 photographer James Pawlish caught the MUDHONEY show at Slim’s last Friday…and leaves us wishing we woulda went!!

James also made time to talk to Guy Maddison, bassist of Mudhoney:

J: This is the ninth album that you guys have put out…I know the last one, the band kinda summarized a it’s based kinda off of rhythm up, instead of just riff and rhythm down kinda platform that you’ve guys have done in the past. With this new album “Vanishing Point” what’s the major difference…from “The Lucky Ones” and from previous albums that you’ve been a part of?

G: Well, this time we used sort of a mixture of what with did with The Lucky Ones and then some of the records we did before that. Theres a group of the songs, about half of the songs on the record, Mark doesn’t play the guitar and just sings, so that was the format that we used for the Lucky Ones…ya know the songs sort of spontaneously grooved with the lyrics at the same time, and then the other half is on this one are more like this one with previous records when we work on the music and then Mark comes along and does the lyrics second…and so those songs typically have Mark playing guitar on them and then the lyrics, are a little different because ya know, the ideas for them are not so on the spot they are more thematic or something, where as the other ones hes singing along with us and we are in the practice room where he’s just singing and not playing guitar, might be more sort of rhythm based

J: with this album, the title, I love it, where did that title come from “Vanishing Point”?

G: Well it was driven more by the photograph than anything else. Mark had that photograph, his wife was the photographer, she took it on a trip she made to Sierra and ya know he liked that photograph, and he said what do you think for this for the record cover and we thought yeah thats a great looking photograph and it’ll look good on our album cover so then came ya know previously as you probably know most of the record titles since I’ve been in the band have come from the lyrics…this one he was just looking for something that fit the image and I guess all of us are kinda fans of ya know the movie Vanishing Point, it’s kinda a classic, ya know everyones sort of our age group as well, its a cult film.

J: Off this new album was there any tracks that you that you just love or got really involved with?

G: Well I mean we are actually for the first time, I think ever for the band we are actually playing it front to back for the album release which is something ya know there are always a couple tracks on the record that are not gonna be live tracks ya know, but I think all of this one is gonna be live, the tracks on that are really like playing Chardonnay cuz its hilarious and it’s uh , its fun to play it its sorta a fanned out bad brains style punk. I really like playing the What to do With the Neutral, it’s quite different for us, ya know its a different taste, it’s gota spiciness that we haven’t used much in the past.

J: I was listening to some of the album, it has that sound that has made Mudhoney.

G: Yeah I think that one of the things thats really great about the new record is that some of the guitar playing is exceptional and some of the sound that Steve gets which is ya know a big part of what Mudhoney is, is the guitar tone, and uh I think ya know Steve is in exceptional form on this record.

J: now I know in the past Mudhoney has jumped around with Reprise, Sub Pop and back again, How has Sub Pop been to you guys?

G: I don’t think Sub Pop has changed that much from their original roots as an alternative record label there very nurturing to the band, they provide very fair and equitable splits of the money, I think that actually because the marketing is changing with recording because of online nature of it and even for magazines and stuff so theres a lot more ya know they run a youtube channel so they had us made a video so it could be on the subpop youtube channel and stuff like that , they’ve been really enthusiastic abput it and uh sort of had us doing thing that we haven’t been that familiar with because just the nature of the record business is changing a fair bit.

J: You mention the record business changing, what are your thoughts with services like Spotify. I mean I remember growing up, once you found something by a band that you really like, you literally searched out every single thing you could and it took so much work but you appreciated the music but you appreciated the music but now you can go on these services and you can pull up any band thats related to what your looking for. Do you think Spotify has changed that dynamic of the way we are listening to music or appreciating it?

G: I grew up in Australia as a kid and there weren’t that many record stores, we found out about things by reading, Maximum Rock Journal stuff like that, ya know we belonged to a community that kinda thing everything swapped and shared and I think that for the people who are interested in the more indie stuff, its probably not using Spotify that much, Pandora that kinda stuff, but I think for the people buying mainstream music its definitely changing it, you don’t have to go to magazines to find stuff out anymore, you don’t have to have your eat to the ground so much, if they like Coldpaly they can plug in Coldpaly in Spotify and it pulls up bands that are roughly related to them. I don’t think its thats disconcerting because its partly driven by advertising obliviously theirs money involved. I don’t know how the integrity of the system.

J: So when you’re not with Mudhoney, what do you do with your down time?

G:Well we have a two year old boy (my wife and I) so that takes up some of it, I have a day job, I’m a registered nurse I work at a hospital, and apart from that, I am a keene cyclist.

J:I haven’t seen you guys in years, i’m really looking forward to that show In slims . Its a great venue

G: yeah I think everyone’s pretty excited about it, cuz I’ve never played at slims before but I’ve been there a few times, I’ve been to SF, and I’ve played there for over twenty years, it will be a nice change from Bottom of the Hill and Galaxy 78 and places like that last couple times we’ve been down.

J: BOTH is a good spot too, just went down there and caught these two bands from LA, Fiddler and The Waavs, and man they just they romped it through and killed it. I’ve never seen that place so on fire like it was.

G: yeah its a pretty intamate room, to be in there and see the band you have to be in that small space, its a lot of fun for bands to play there, its a good room. But I think one thing about Slims it’s all ages is it not?

J-yeah I mean Im 30 and I kinda like it when its all age and you get young kids in there that are 17, 18 and they come, ya know maybe never been to a punk show, or never had that experience of never being in the pit, just to see the energy they bring, it kicks me on my ass but it also makes me step it up a little bit.

G: Yeah it’s a right of passage ya know? For young punks coming up to get to go and see shows and it was a little easier for me when I was younger cuz the drinking age was only 18 . But it’s nice to play all ages cuz we don’t get offered those when were out of town.

J: Being from Australia, who were some of your musical influences growing up?

G: a lot of my influences are basic influences of everyone, bands like the Sex Pistols, The Dan, and the Stranglers, were really the things I got into earliest, started to discover American hardcore like Dead Kennedy’s in high school. There are a bunch of bands from Australia that are the seminal groups, that would be, essentially, the Scientists, the Saints and the Radiobirdman for me so , most of those bands were either de funked or moved away from Australia by the time I was interested in them.

J: What is it like to be in one of the only alternative rock bands of the nineties thats been able to carry over to make it last, whats the secret?

G: Well I think partly the secret is those guys don’t want to be part of the mainstream, and obviously most of us would like to be as well of as we can be, but I don’t think making money was huge drive for them. It was more more, wanting to make music on their terms and having as much fun as they could, which probably why the band has been so long lived, when a lot of its its contemporary has died away and have now reformed usually. I think all of us are pretty much of the same mindset that coming up out of the punk seen its more important that you like what you do than it is that you do something for someone else because the record label wants it.

J: What has been like working with Mark, hes someone who’s worked for a lot of people?

G: He is very easy to work with hes pretty enthusiastic to what others can brings to the table, hes easy to get a long with musically, its kinda amazing to even practice and play along and you think oh god where did this voice come from? Its really powerful, its got a smeared delivery, its kinda strange when you look across and hes wearing t shirt and jeans and wearing his slippers….

J: how is his approach lyrically in this album compared to the last one?

G: well he said, in particular all is course just came to him all at once, because it’s a narrative story, and it just came to him all at once. I think some of the other stuff, like the johnny thunder kinda track called I Don’t remember you, which is pretty self explanatory ya know you get stopped by some guy in a super market and he goes “hey man you don’t remember me but we used to party” ya know lyrics drawn from real life.

J: Well I think that’s pretty much it, thank you, I’m really looking forward to the show at Slims!

G: Thank you! See you there

Bat for Lashes @ The Regency Ballroom

Natasha Khan, better known as Bat for Lashes graced San Francisco at The Regency Ballroom on Sunday, April 14, 2013.  People quickly packed the venue in anticipation to see the indie multi-instrumentalist English singer.  From the moment Natasha Khan took to the stage in her bold red dress it was impossible to take your eyes off her. She captivated the crowd with her intricate beats and heartfelt lyrics.

Bat for Lashes started the show with the enchanting song “Lilies” from her latest album, The Haunted Man.  They brought back old crowd favorites, like the haunting “What’s a Girl to Do?” and the upbeat “Priscilla” from her first album Fur and Gold.

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We got the chance to interview some of the best rock/indie bands from countries like Korea and China for the CAAMFest SXSW Music Matters showcase here in SF!

Video by Creative Clash

Friday March 22nd, Wavves and FIDLAR took over Bottom of the Hill. Our Do415 photographer, James Pawlish was there in the pit to capture all the action! 

Ministry of Tomorrow Launch Party: Sila, Fely Tchaco & Band (4/26)

Come celebrate with at The Lodge at The Regency Ballroom April 26th for the launch of the Ministry of Tomorrow with performances by Sila and Fely Tchaco. Ministry of Tomorrow Launch Party is a benefit to improve the lives of people living in the largest slums in Africa through job creation. This is a great party for a great cause!  

Make sure to buy your tickets here. 

Or enter on Do415 for a chance to get on the guestlist! 

Aventine Alley Block Party St. Patty’s Weekend (3/15) FREE w/RSVP!

Head over to Aventine’s first Alley Block Party of the year on Friday, March 15th to kick off St. Patrick’s Day weekend! Taverna Aventine will be blocking off Hotaling Alley and packing it with delicious food, five different bars, and live music!

DJ Kool Karlo will be supplying the the downstairs parlor beats, while DJ Cams gets the outdoor party started at 5pm. Continue to rock under the stars to sick sounds brought by DJ VinSol going on at 9pm

Savory food options include 4505 meats (these guys make a hot roast beef dog that’s bacon studded and smothered in roast beef, horseradish sauce and gruyere, with a side of au jus… need we say more), Sam’s Chowdermobile (we’re talking to die for lobster rolls, fish tacos and classic chowder), and that amazing little cart of pure heaven goodness, The Creme Brulle Cart. 

This is a block party you won’t want to miss and it is FREE with RSVP! Make sure to RSVP on Do415.