Lemonade Interview

We caught up with the San Francisco natives, Lemonade, when they came to play a show at the Rickshaw on June 17th. Callan discusses the the new album, San Francisco and what the future holds for Lemonade.

How have people received the new album?

I am personally a huge fan. The people that feel it seem to really connect with it far more than any other record we released. When we played the material on the last tour with neon Indian we felt a lot of love every night and it was really beautiful. Naturally people misunderstand us. They always have. This record is really direct and personal and I am sharing my heart. I hope people feel emotions they aren’t used to feeling when they listens to artists like us, whatever exactly artists like us is. I think it is about time.

Are you excited to come back and play in San Francisco? Do you miss it here since being in NY?

Yes definitely. Always. We actually try to visit as much as possible. So many of our friends have left but we are always happy to reconnect with those who haven’t, and I feel like we say this a lot but Mexican food is just such a bummer in New York.

Where do you find inspiration for your eclectic sound?

We like producers. It’s interesting to talk about the evolution of genres but when it comes down to the production there are so many similarities between new age and dance music and late 80’s R&B and balearic house or techno or dub or whatever. Sometimes you focus on the kick patterns and sometimes the bass moves around more and you stretch out the instrumental passages or whatever but all of it has really strong production similarities. I think that we are just trying to find our favorite sounds which happen to reoccur again and again in many genres of music. Just because we hear the same sounds in a Sade song or an Art of Noise song or an Alicia Keyes song from last year it doesn’t produce a lot of mental conflict for us. It just seems to fit.

What do you think the future holds for Lemonade?

The future of Lemonade has always felt really uncertain because we go through such extreme phases of inspiration and we never really settle comfortably into any genres or write for any existing audiences. In the immediate future I know that we will be totally immersed in this record for a while. We will become the record this summer. Hopefully we can do some more writing soon because we have so many ideas to work with. The next songs will probably be less blue and less soft focus and a bit sharper and brighter. Also it won’t be 4 years between albums this time. I don’t have another 4 years of patience in me.