Crystal Fighters Interview

We got the chance to catch up with the Crystal Fighters before their show last week at the Independent. Here are some great photos and answered questions!

Here are responses from Crystal Fighter’s Gilbert Vierich!

**Your music is a melting pot of cultural, musical and stylistic influences, what do you think ties all of these aspects together?

I think its probably intrigue and curiostiy that ties it all together. Myself, Sebastian and Graham, all have a love for different types of music and we all love making it.

**How has this past/current tour been treating you. Are you getting the reactions from American fans you are looking for?

Being able to finally tour the USA properly is amazing. Its a great place and has so many different music scenes and all the cities have their own feeling. People seem to be liking it, and its amazing that when we go to places that we have never been before, there are people there to come and listen. Its a real pleasure to be able to do this. Thanks everyone for coming out so far.

Beyond that we have been touring with friends (and band) Is Tropical, who have not only been killing it on the stage, but have made the whole tour hilarious. Its really great to share stuff like this friends.

**Have you ever been to San Francisco before, what is your favorite part of this city?

Yeah, last time we hit up SF was a few months ago off the back of SXSW. It was pretty awesome, we played at Mezzanine for a Kitsune Clube night with Computer Magic.

This time though we are at The Independent and its an own show, so really looking forward to the slightly different vibe this time round.

I guess we didn’t get much of a chance last time to check it out. It was all burgers and soundchecks.

**When watching live footage, you truly bring the music alive with your energy. Did you always know performance was going to be an important part of the music? How do you think your live shows enhance the music?

When we first started, playing to people that was the only thing it was about. We would play, write more, change the music for the next weekend, and then go to the next tiny gig. We did that for about a year, playing over 100 shows in london alone. Then once people started to get to know us more, they wanted things to listen to, so we decided to make an album. From there our live show has just developed and developed, and its really the being of our music. And when we do play we take the album versions on to a higher level, adding more elements and allowing the songs to breath heavily.

**What do you think the future holds for the Crystal Fighters? Can we look for any new and exciting influences in your songwriting?

Currently we are writing our second album. We still feel we have a lot to discover with combining old basque influences with modern music, and we have come across so many new styles of music since we wrote the first one, so we hope it will sound like a natural progression. Apart from that, hitting up some festivals in August and having an awesome summer. Hope you do too!!