Low End Theory SF 6/1 - Ticket Giveaway!

Written by; Dylan Macturk.

For some cursed reason, the world I live in conspires to make it impossible for me to go more than a day or two without hearing people argue about whether LA or SF is the better city. While it is a tiring argument to regularly listen to, at this point it’s a welcome break from hearing people talk about whether or not we’re all going to get our faces eaten off in a zombie apocalypse. Hopefully a safe haven from zombies and inter-city rivalries exists at 1015 Folsom this Friday night when LA’s Low End Theory takes up its monthly perch in SF with a low-key banger featuring the impeccable Nosaj Thing, the off-kilter joy of Baths and the densely-wrapped brilliance of Doseone.

Better still, the event is being filmed for the Low End Theory documentary, so dance like SOMEONE is watching. Because someone is. Probably more than one person. I don’t really understand how movies are made.

Anyway, it all kicks off at 10pm and is 21+ so leave your oddly-named babies at home and take shelter on the dance floor. Tickets and more information are available here

If this event wasn’t already cool enough, Do415 is giving away tickets here