Do415 at Outside Lands 2012


Die Antwoord @ Twin Peaks Stage

MSTRKRFT @ Twin Peaks Stage

Washed Out @ Panhandle Stage


The Kills @ Lands End Stage


City & Colour @ Sutro Stage

Stevie Wonder @ Lands End Stage


There’s always a green man at every festival!

At The Barbary Stage

MiMOSA @ The Independent (Outside Lands Night Show)

The M Machine

The M Machine




The crowd gets pumped during MiMOSA

Living in San Francisco has a lot of perks. However, this weekend proved to be one of the better moments of the summer. Outside Lands Music Festival is one of the most anticipated events of the year for Bay Area locals. Yet, it was this year’s after parties that had people a-buzzing. 

After two days of music and fog, it was time to make my way over to the MiMosa after-party at The Independent. Still riding the musical high, I was ready for a little dirty dub. 

Upon entering the Indy, I was greeted with the sweet electro sounds of Bay Area natives The M Machine. Having just released their album “Metropolis”, the band have continued to reveal themselves across some of electronic music’s biggest stages. After summer gigs at EDC, Electric Zoo, and Global Dance Festival and opening slots for Empire of the Sun, Mike Snow, and Pretty Lights, The M Machine have have proven their worth. 

The band’s sound is a mixture of contemporary bass music with synths and tempos derived from old-school arcade racing games, but they also have elements that can be traced back further, to classic concept albums like Pink Floyd’s The Wall. However, it was their rendition of several Radiohead classics that had the audience in full swing.

As soon as “Kid A” dropped, the place was going insane. I couldn’t help but ask myself “is this really going on right now?” But the night was young, and MiMosa had yet to deliver what would be one hell of a performance.

As soon as The M Machine came off, I need to take a breather. By this point, I’d been dancing for about 12 hours and was feeling like a tweeked-out rag doll. Just as I was about to battle my way through the crowd and head to VIP, I was jolted by one of the dirtiest beats. The time had come… MiMosa had started. 

The next 45 minutes would prove to be one of the highlights of my weekend. MiMosa gave it everything. The set turned out to be much more intiment then the one he played at Outside Lands. If anything, the show was an orgy for my senses. The bass was earth-shaking, the lights were seizure-inducing (awesome), and the music never stopped. 

Regardless, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t matter if you are on the wagon or off. There is something about his blend of electronica and dubstep that will just blow your mind when you see it live. Un. Fucking. Real. 

All photos & review are by James Pawlish.

Outside Lands 2012: Preview

From August 10-12 2012, San Francisco will host its 5th annual Outside Lands Music and Art Festival. Another Planet and Superfly productions went all out this year to give us the throwback lineup most of us have dreamed about. Celebrated acts Metallica, Neil Young and Stevie Wonder are headlining the epic three-day party in San Francisco’s very own rural playground, Golden Gate Park.

Other notable acts include the now solo Jack White, dub-step extraordinaire Skrillex, and Sigur Ros, who just recently released their newest studio album Valtari.

Outside Lands is more than just a music festival. There are attractions to showcase local wine, food, art and the environment. Wine Lands is sure to bring out the wino in all of us by showcasing local wineries. Taste of the Bay Area is showcasing SF’s favorite restaurants and food shops. Eco Lands showcases environmentally friendly practices and is introducing Farm land, which is a representation of San Francisco commitment to supporting urban agriculture and partnering with local farmers. News is the Barbary is variety and comedy shows that showcase the Barbary Coast Distract of San Francisco. And you can’t forget the Heineken DJ Dome, where you can find a non-stop electronic music dance party.

Outside Lands makes sure there is something for everybody to enjoy. If you want to spend your summer right, make sure you spend it at Outside Lands.

Find tickets and more information at the Outside Lands website here