Here We Go Magic Tonight @ The Indepedent

Here We Go Magic is playing tonight at The Independent. We were able to catch up with them beforehand to see what they have been up too…

I recently heard you picked up John Waters in Pennsylvania, how was the experience? Are you more likely to pick up people now, it makes a great story. 

He was the first hitchhiker we’ve ever picked up, once we

realized it was him it was a no brainier. As a rule we don’t usually

pick up hitchhikers cuz every seats already taken.

Your new album A Different Ship was released in May, how do you think this album differs from other ones? How was working with a producer for the first time? 

It has more space and clarity. Working with Nigel was very natural.

I see you guys are playing some big festivals like Field Day, Evolution in the UK and Bonnaroo in Tennessee, what are you hoping to get from the audience and fans? Enthusiasm

What do you think the future holds for Here We Go Magic?

here we go magic will go till we drop. 

Anything you want to say to the city of San Francisco? Holla!

Also, This isn’t a questions but I absolutely love the music video for

"How Do I Know"