Friday March 22nd, Wavves and FIDLAR took over Bottom of the Hill. Our Do415 photographer, James Pawlish was there in the pit to capture all the action! 

FIDLAR Knows That Life’s a Risk

FIDLAR are drunk, reckless, and full of angst; everything a good punk band should be. Driven by juvenile lyrics, pro-party sloganeering, blistering punk rock riffs, and a commitment to DIY ethic, the L.A. foursome have garnered a considerable buzz in the underground scene. In other words, the band has been playing some of the rowdiest sets in recent rock memory. 

Last week’s show at Bottom of the Hill was no exception. Within the first five minutes of FIDLAR’s set, people were jumping off the stage, moshing, and throwing elbows. It was a beautiful yet terrifying moment. Photographers clutched onto their equipment for dear life. Eventually, the pit was just too much for them to handle. 

As the night continued on, pure, raw energy enveloped the venue. Covered in sweat and gasping for air, I looked at the faces around me. It was a feeling I have’t had since my younger days of thrashing. Everyone was riding the proverbial punk rock wave as far into the night as it would take them. Lead vocalist Zack Carper must have taken notice too, when he said this was one of the best crowds they’ve played for. 

With that being said, each new song the band played felt like it was their last. At one point someone decided to take a dive off stage, only to miss their mark and go face first into the ground. However, even a broken nose couldn’t stop this guy’s fun. He got up, wiped his face, and continued to dance around. 

FIDLAR plays with a raw energy which is alarming but also joyous at the same time. To call them a crossover band is a disservice; they rise above the punk distinctions and comparisons to MTV-popular bands.

Photos of FIDLAR were taken by James Pawlish, on Instagram.