Word of Mouth: Peter Arko (Ears of the Beholder)

Tastemaker Questions

What is (what would be) your twitter bio?

The dude at Ears of the Beholder. Co-founder of MEGABLAAG + City

Limits Records. Co-organizer of NightLife events at Cal Academy.

What upcoming event are you most excited about?

How To Dress Well at Rickshaw!

What is your favorite event space (gallery, venue, etc..) in the Bay Area?

For different reasons: Rickshaw Stop, Bottom of the Hill, Public Works

What artist or musician are you most proud of discovering before

everybody else? (this is your chance to brag, without actually being a

braggart, you’re just answering a question)

Julia Holter, Com Truise, Yalls (definitely not the very first person)

What is your favorite neighborhood in the Bay Area? Why?

The Mission, because I live there. Also, I really like the area

around Precita Park.

What has the best burrito in the city?

Taking into account proximity, I’d say El Metate or El Farolito

What is the Bay Area missing?

Lately I’ve wanted SF to have a mini-golf course.

If you had to order the same drink at a bar for the rest of your

life, what would you choose?

Shot of whisky and a beer, that’s basically one drink right?

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